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Engineering Design Workshop 2016

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For four weeks during the month of July, the Engineering Design Workshop (EDW)  run by the MIT Edgerton Center engages Cambridge, Boston, and Greater Boston-area 9th through 12th grade students in hands-on engineering projects.


Students in this hands-on, self-motivated summer program work in small teams to design, build, and test projects that blend engineering, art, and science. Students have the opportunity to use many of the same tools and materials as MIT students and engineers.









Presentations by Pei Zhang's Students July 31st  

US-China Scitech Education Promotion Association

Visit of Chinese Students to Edgerton Center 



The workshop builds on students’ math, science, and artistic abilities and will use basic principles of engineering, problem solving, and design. Short lessons on interesting topics will add to the project-based experience. While at MIT, students have opportunities to see many examples of engineering, art, and science at work.



Projects this year have included included a music-maker water oscillator( Team Oscillating Chaos), plastic balls that light up with colors indicating physical forces while being juggled( Team Visual Physics), a radio-controlled tank that fires rubber-bands while being controlled through a virtual-reality headset( Team RCRBT), multi-media tiles that control a radio-linked wireless synthesizer( Team Musical Interactive Tiles), and an autonomous creature that monitors all goings-on in the workshop( Team Petey).




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